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Retreats and Short Courses 2014

Two Week Winter Scripture School
Week 1: Major Theme: Themes of the Pentateuch: The Faith & Culture of Ancient Israel

This 10-session morning module will offer a brief introduction to the history and archaeology of Ancient Israel. It will pay attention to the major themes of the Torah (Pentateuch) such as: Creation, Ancestors, Exodus, and Settlement in the Land of Canaan. Particular emphasis will be given to Exodus Theology.

Minor Theme: Exploring the Holy Land: Galilee

This 4-session afternoon module will use lecture and multimedia to explore some key New Testament locations in the Galilee.

Week 2: Major Theme: The Gospel of Matthew : Emmanuel – God-is-with-us

While Matthew’s Gospel is located first in the Canon of the New testament, it was actually written some 10—15 years after Mark’s Gospel. This 10-session morning module locates Matthew’s Gospel in its historical and religious context and explores some of its unique features.

Minor Theme: Exploring the Holy Land: Judaea & Samaria

This 4-session afternoon module will use lecture and multimedia to explore some key biblical locations in Judaea and Samaria.

19 January – 1 February 2014

Fr Ciaran O’Callaghan CSsR

The Hawkstone staff are pleased to welcome individuals and small groups for their own personal time of quiet.

You can download a 2014 booking form (PDF - 200kb) for these courses. To view this booking form you need Adobe Acrobat reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat you can download it, free of charge, by clicking on the icon below.

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